Governor Phil Bryant Makes a Statement Regarding the Flag Debate

Should our state change the flag and take the Confederate emblem out of the top left corner? Today Governor Phil Bryant said no.
This comes after Speaker of the House Philip Gunn made a statement last night saying the flag has become a “point of offense” and we should start having conversations about changing it.
Governor Bryant tells News 25 changing the flag is not what the people of Mississippi want, referring to a vote in 2001 where 64% of Mississippians voted to keep the current flag. “The people voted on this flag in 2001. It was on the ballot, overwhelmingly supported the current flag in the state of Mississippi. I don’t think we need to go about trying to supersede the will of the people. The discussion was certainly not deaf tone to, but the vote was taken. It was on the ballot and I think across the state of Mississippi, a fairly strong vote to keep it,” said Gov. Bryant.

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