Governor Bryant Signs Religious Bill

Governor Phil Bryant has signed the Religious Accommodations Act into law.

The law allows government employees and private business people to cite religious beliefs as a reason to refuse services to members of the LGBT community and prevents the state from handing down any penalties if they do so.

Local LGBT organizations tell News 25 they believe the law opens the door for everyone to fall victim to legal discrimination. President of the MS Rainbow Center Molly Kester said, “It’s not only against LGBT that people can discriminate, it’s anyone that has a religious belief or strongly held belief against. So those that consider that women should only wear skirts and they walk into their store with pants on, they can say they don’t want to serve you. It’s so wide ranging and it’s basically unconstitutional. It allows people to legally discriminate without any recourse from the government or anyone else.”

In a tweet, Governor Bryant says he does not believe this bill limits any constitutionally protected rights nor does he believe it challenges federal law.

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