Governor Bryant Defends H.B. 1523

The U.S.S. Portland was christened at Ingalls shipbuilding, but one key city leader was missing. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales was missing from the ceremony. The Portland City Council recently banned city sponsored travel to Mississippi because of House Bill 1523, or the religious accommodations act. He told local media there he plans on inviting his family who lives in Mississippi to come to Oregon to see “What freedom is like.” and despite a number of state and cities nationwide banning travel to Mississippi, Governor Bryant stands by the new law. HB 1523 is a religious accommodations act. We provide religious accommodation to the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and so all this law is asking is for some of the same minor accommodations that we provide terrorists to the business people and clergy here in the state of Mississippi. To date four states and several cities across the county have banned government funded travel to Mississippi.

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