Government shut down affecting local breweries

As the government shutdown continues, it’s not just federal workers who are affected. The shutdown is restricting local breweries and what they can put to market.

For the folks at Lazy Magnolia Brewery, the government shutdown is causing problems. For a new beer to be put to market, local breweries must receive a certificate of label approval to distribute their product, however, breweries can’t get that due to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau being shut down. Lazy Magnolia co-owner Leslie Henderson said, “So right now, I have two applications sitting at the TTB that haven’t been processed. I have several more that I need to put in for beers that will be released in Q2 and Q3.”

The shutdown isn’t just affecting production and distribution, but also their in-house sales. Lazy Magnolia has a strong clientele from the Stennis Space Center. Being out of work for a period of time could keep them away. “A lot of these people are our biggest fans. They’re apart of the Lazy Magnolia family and when they don’t get paid, it hurts us both financially and emotionally because they are so important to us.”

Craft beer has played a major role in beer sales over the past few years. Henderson tells News 25 she worries the stalemate in Washington could temporarily stall the industry. “They want what is new, what is innovative, what is just coming out, what is the bleeding edge of what we’re making. If we can’t get that approved by the federal government, our customers can’t buy it.”

Lazy Magnolia is planning to distribute and debut a new IPA in late March, however, the shutdown could put those plans on hold.

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