Gov. Phil Bryant Encourages Mississippians to Participate in 42nd National Hunting & Fishing Day

Gov. Phil Bryant is proud to join others from around the nation in celebrating the 42nd National Hunting and Fishing Day on Saturday, Sept. 27th. This weekend sportsmen all over Mississippi will come together, as many do every weekend, and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities Mississippi has to offer.

“As a 2nd Amendment advocate, hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life, even as a young child growing up in the Mississippi Delta,” Gov. Bryant said. “Deborah and I enjoy spending time outdoors in Mississippi whenever possible. Whether it’s fishing on the Gulf Coast, hunting big deer in the Mississippi Delta or chasing turkeys in north Mississippi, I cherish my time with friends and family. I encourage everyone to take a child hunting or fishing this weekend.”

In 2010, the last time an economic impact study was conducted on hunting and fishing in Mississippi, it showed collectively they have over a $2.7 billion economic impact annually in the state. In fiscal year 2013 there were over 116,000 resident sportsmen license sold by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

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