‘Goula Cruisin:’ Cruisin’ the Coast cranks up in Pascagoula

They’re cranking it up in Pascagoula as the city’s scheduled three day Cruisin’ event billed as ‘Goula Cruisin’ gets underway in Jackson County.

Willie Sebren and his wife had the perfect perch at Pascagoula’s debut waterside event this year ‘Goula Cruisin,’ where the Brandon couple showcased the car that made a racing legend. “It’s a Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo, and I just got it out of the paint shop. I just had it totally repainted. Everything about it is original except the paint.”

They’re just getting cranked up for this year’s Goula Cruisin’ event. It’s slated to be three days long, weather pending, but they’re letting the good times roll and making the most of it. Cruiser John Read said, “Pascagoula, as far as the physical plan here, you can’t beat it-old oaks, comfort stations, band going strong, good food.”

Read and his friends have rolled out for Cruisin’ since it began 24 years ago in Gulfport. Now only vintage car owner and enthusiast, but also a state lawmaker, Read clearly sees the value in Cruisin’ the Coast, especially this year when a real pick-me-up is needed across the board. “I look after state dollars, and I’m going to tell you that we, during this pandemic, the state has been suffering, but we are coming back. Things like this do happen.”

On this day, everyone enjoying the cool breeze, hotrods, and hopefully brighter days ahead.

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