Gonzales Sentenced To Prison in D’Iberville Apartment Fire Case

Biloxi, Mississippi – District Attorney Joel Smith announced today that Krystal Gonzales was sentenced at the Harrison County Courthouse for the crime of first degree arson after pleading guilty during the second day of her jury trial last week. Circuit Court Judge Chris Schmidt conducted a sentencing hearing for Gonzales this afternoon. After hearing from parties for both sides of the case, Judge Schmidt ordered the defendant to the maximum sentence of twenty years, with seven of those years to be served in prison, followed by five years of post-release supervision. He also ordered restitution for the remaining losses and out of pocket expenses of the victims.
Trial testimony in the case last week detailed the facts of the crime which occurred March 4, 2014, after several 911 calls reported a fire at the Arbor Station Apartments in D’Iberville. Thanks to the bravery of Marvin Sanchez, Shawn Audrey and the D’Iberville Fire Department, all resident were able to escape before the fire engulfed the building. Several apartment residents testified last week and again today about the fire, their lost pets, possessions and the effect this event has had on their lives. “Before the defendant changed her mind and entered a guilty plea, the State planned to place additional witnesses on the witness stand, including the detectives who investigated the case. The defendant’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Dubuisson, would testify he saw Gonzales light his clothes on fire via a video call on her computer. Her actions caused the destruction of multiple apartments. All of the victims and witnesses were extremely helpful throughout the process in making sure this defendant was brought to justice,” said Assistant District Attorney Beth McFadyen, who prosecuted the case along with Scott Lusk.
“Through last week’s guilty plea and the sentence today, the defendant has accepted responsibility for her actions that led to so much destruction on March 4 at the Arbor Station Apartments. While nothing can bring back all that was lost on that fateful night, we are extremely proud of the work of the D’Iberville Police Department and the many agencies who assisted in the diligent investigation of this case on behalf of the victims,” said DA Joel Smith.

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