Gladney Calls Palazzo “Dodging Palazzo”

Democratic Congressional Candidate Mark Gladney takes stabs at incumbent Steven Palazzo, calling him “Dodging Palazzo”.
This coming from a press conference called by Gladney’s campaign outside of the Biloxi VA.
The name stems from Gladney’s opinion of Palazzo’s refusal to vote on the VA Accountability First and Appeals Modernization Act of 2016.
Gladney says his lack of action complicates the appeals process for veterans, making it more difficult for them to receive healthcare.
He also commented on Palazzo’s vote to approve a bill which took away 250 jobs at Camp Shelby.”It’s almost like he wants to punish vets for living and I think that’s horrible. I think that is something we cannot tolerate in our representatives,” said Gladney.
Gladney went on to say instead of ignoring veteran’s concerns, if elected into office, he will be a voice for veterans, fight for jobs, and better healthcare.
Gladney is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel with 27 years of service.

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