Girls Auxiliary of Macedonia hosts Youth Explosion event

The Girls Auxiliary of Macedonia hosted their first Youth Explosion at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Ocean Springs where important topics of discussion were on the table.

The event covered important talks about sex trafficking, bullying, drug and sexual abuse, suicide, and gun violence.

Each topic was presented by speakers of organizations that had experience or were trained in those specific fields as a way to give out resources for those in need.

Families were invited to get informed, get involved, and to learn how to cope and support local youth in our communities. Girls Auxiliary of Macedonia Adviser Esther Payton said, “It doesn’t matter your race, it doesn’t matter your religion, it doesn’t matter your gender, we’re here to help. There’s so much going on in our communities, in our counties, in our state, nationwide. We have to wake up. We have to take action; we can’t just continue to sit back.”

The Girls Auxiliary of Macedonia say they want to continue to do more youth explosions moving forward.

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