Girl Scout cookie sales going virtual

After COVID-19 threw Girl Scouts across the country a curve ball last cookie season, the national organization has fine tuned its sales methods in preparation for another cookie season in the midst of a global pandemic.

Girl Scout Cookie season stops for no one or nothing including COVID-19. While some of the traditional sales methods can’t be used due to the virus, the Girl Scouts are utilizing more of a digital approach this year.

Online cookie ordering has been around since 2014 through the Girl Scout’s digital cookie app, but this year customers can scan their credit cards just by taking a picture of it. This is just one of the many new digital features for selling cookies. Product Program Manager Jennifer Rothert said, “We also have given them resources to be able to host virtual booths through Facebook, so they can host virtual booths on their personal Facebook Page and invite their friends and families and have fun and they can place orders right through their Facebook page.”

For veteran Gautier-Vancleave Girls Scouts Emily Meek and Madison Gates, the 2021 cookie season has brought about a few new challenges. Meek said, “We have to push safety a lot more than we normally would. And we have to think a lot more outside the box because we can’t do as many things as we normally would’ve done.”

Gates said, “Normally, without the pandemic, it teaches a good thing of communication and talking to other people. Because they would come by and we would say ‘hey would you like to buy some cookies’ and just communication. Not being in direct contact, like with other people, like face-to-face, that’s probably one of the hardest things.”

If you don’t know a Girl Scout selling cookies near you, you can use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find a scout or troop near you to buy from. You can also now use the Grub Hub Delivery app brought to your doorstep.

The Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi will also be having in-person cookie booths with their girls while following CDC guidelines. “You’ll probably see girls in masks and you’ll see girls with face shields and wearing gloves. And then there may even be multiple tables set up at the booth so that way the customers can pick their cookies up after the girls stage them, after they’re being paid for.”

Rothert says she believes the future of cookie sales will be a hybrid of the new digital methods and the face-to-face selling.

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