Giant watermelon on display at Girls Grown Watermelons in Perkinston

To catch the attention of customers driving down Highway 53 in Perkinston, a giant watermelon is sliced and on display.

Vonnie and Ernest Ladner wanted to teach their grandkids about entrepreneurship so they decided to start growing watermelons. The grandkids came up with the name ‘Girls Grown Watermelons,’ and for the last four years, they have been set up selling the watermelons they have grown.

To attract more customers, a giant watermelon made up of rebar and stucco sits on the highway. Taylor Rose said, “We really are gaining a lot of entrepreneurship. I feel like this is a nice little business we have going and it’s teaching us a lot about our social skills and how we just interact with people.”

Girls Grown Watermelons will be located at 2510 Highway 53 each day from 10:30 to 5 p.m. leading up to the Fourth of July.

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