George County alum Logan Tanner shines in Starkville Super Regional

The Starkville Super Regional wasn’t decided by one person or play, but one person did make one huge play in Monday’s do-or-die game three. Paging Logan Tanner.

In the bottom of a six run second inning for the Bulldogs, Tanner blasted a three-run yard sale blast over the 385 in left center at Dudy Noble Field.

His team leading 14th home run of the season and perhaps the most important cut of his entire life.

The end result was an 11-7 win over Notre Dame and his first-ever OmaDawgs dog pile at the pitchers mound. “It’s an incredible feeling. First couple seconds are fun, then after that it gets a little crowded, a little uncomfortable, to say the least. But it was really fun, and I’m glad I got to do it with my boys. He had gone fastball a couple times and then he went to the changeup and I hadn’t seen the slider yet, and I had a feeling he was going to go slider 1-2 and I saw it up and I was able to put a good swing on it, and it felt like it was a really good swing as soon as I took it and it went out and I kind of blacked out after that. The culture around here is to win and to go as far as you can and I just think the culture here is great and it’s probably the best in the country if I had to say so.”

MSU draws Texas as its first College World Series opponent in a rematch of its very first game of the entire season at 6 p.m. Sunday. The Bulldogs won that first meeting 8-3.

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