Gearing up for Mardi Gras

It’s the season of moon pies, beads, and all things purple, gold, and green. It’s Mardi Gras and local stores are seeing the impact.

The carnival celebration season always has Coast resident ready for the Mardi Party. At the Mardi Gras Supplies Store in Gulfport they are busy as ever with customers piling in to stock up. Gulfport resident Sally Bartlett said, “I’m always excited for Mardi Gras season. I like to eat king cake and wear fancy rhinestones and everything just like everybody else does.”

Some customers are locals, but some come from all over to make this stop. Mardi Gras Supplies Store employee Lauren Lee said, “My favorite part is probably seeing the different types of people that come in here from all over, like when people are just passing through. We have a lot of people that make detours to come through and take stuff back home.”

Mardi Gras Supplies Store employee Kaleigh Farina said, “You get to meet a lot of different people from Mobile, New Orleans, I even had some people from up north like Pennsylvania and stuff .”

Farina and Lee say Mardi Gras apparel like tutus, hats, leggings, and jewelry are really flying off the shelves. “They will get like the tutus, the leggings, they will look really tacky because nothing will be matching, but that’s a part of Mardi Gras is to be tacky. They’ll get loads and loads of stuff. They will get a couple of different outfits for one day and then for the next day.”

At the Mardi Gras Supply Store, apparel isn’t the only thing they sell a lot of. They also sell millions of beads every year. Those millions come from local societies gearing up for their parades and balls, some spending big bucks. “The other day I had people buy like $4,000 worth of beads and it was insane.”

If you’re looking to buy for a parade or for your Mardi Gras society, they do have ‘krewe packages’ where you can buy 10, 15, or 20 bead cases at once.

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