Gay Pride Parade will take place in Starkville

It was a packed house inside and out at Starkville City Hall last night as aldermen revisited a move denying a parade permit to an LGBT group.
After hearing public input from both sides of the issue, a motion was made to allow the parade to go on. Three of the original ‘no’ votes repeated their opposition, but Alderman David Little abstained, forcing a three to three tie. Mayor Lynn Spruill then cast the tie-breaking vote allowing the parade to move forward.
The city is not sponsoring the parade, but organizers will receive in-kind services from the police, fire, and sanitation departments for the event.
After the vote, celebration broke out from those who were in favor of having the parade. Starkville Pride Director Bailey McDaniel said, “I’m really excited. I’m so relieved because I get to be a 22-year-old again. I get to be the organizer of Pride again. I get to prepare the next two weeks instead of going to court. I get to decide what kind of rainbow apparel my dog is going to wear in the parade.”
Mayor Spruill said, “I am certainly hopeful that it sends the message that we, upon reflection, have become a more inclusive community in the sense that we recognize the value and that we support all of our citizens and some of the efforts that they are trying to get their message out there. It’s just a parade. It’s a celebration.”
The Gay Pride Parade will take place in downtown Starkville March 24th.

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