Gautier students web-chat with Stennis engineer

For a group of students at Gautier Middle School, a virtual tour of the International Space Center turned into a web-cast Q&A session with an engineer from Stennis Space Center, but students were just as excited to learn about rockets tested right here in our state.
Teacher Stacy Lawrence won the opportunity from NASA for her students to chat with engineers aboard the ISS, but it had to be canceled at the last minute due to security reasons.
Instead the students had the opportunity to hear from Carla Snyder from Stennis Space Center. The students learned about her career as an engineer, watched videos of rocket tests, and asked questions about space exploration. Eighth grader Hannah Waltman said, “I think it’s interesting to learn about how rockets are built and why they’re built. Then we get to see how they’re tested and why they’re sent into space and what they do.”
“So often we push our students in certain careers, especially engineering. Often they don’t know what the program or the career is about so this just gives them an opportunity to actually speak with engineers and learn more about the program. Hopefully they’ll be inspired to maybe pursue these careers,” said Lawrence.
A group of students from a Perry County school also tuned in to the program.

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