Gautier Police Chief Bever meets with local neighborhood watch

Today, newly appointed Gautier Chief of Police David Bever met with the Hickory Hills ‘neighborhood watch’ to discuss community concerns.

This was Bever’s first meeting with the watch group since he was appointed in late March. He and members of the police department joined the meeting to discuss topics concerning the citizens such as drug use, break-ins, response times, and more.

Chief Bever says meeting in person with the citizens help gives the department face to face interactions and gives them more opportunities to learn about problems in the area. Chief Bever said, “A lot of times, police department isn’t told about what’s going on out in the community, but they’ll talk about it on social media, and it’s impossible for us to monitor all of social media so it’s important.”

Chief Bever hopes to be able to attend as many of these meetings as he can in the future.

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