Gautier PD to Get New K9 Dog Named Caesar

A new police officer is headed for Gautier. He is 3 feet tall, and weighs 50 pounds. Caesar will be making his way to the force in the next few months, and will join Justice on the K9 squad.

Countless movies and TV shows have been written about the bond between partners on the police force. In Gautier, a partner also happens to be man’s best friend. David Bever, Criminal Interdiction Officer for Gautier’s K9 Unit, says, "It’s pretty great, compared to a human. He doesn’t talk back, he’s with me all the time, he stays home with me, so there is a good bond created."

While the bond between Justice and his handler is strong, there’s another group that benefits from these unique officers. Gordon Gollott, Mayor of Gautier, says, "It brings the community together because the police force uses them to go into the schools and talk to the kids about them, and naturally the kids always want to get involved with a pet."

Justice has been with the department since August of 2014 and was recently involved in an interstate drug seizure of over $1 million. Gautier Police feel while one dog is good, two would be better, and approved the hiring and training of Caesar, a ten month old Belgian Malinois. Dante Elbin, Gautier Chief of Police, says, "What they bring to the table is a level above what we’re able to give with human officers. They will assist us with all operations on our streets and on the interstate."

The Gautier Police Department already has Justice, but with the addition of Caesar, criminals will have two dogs to contend with on the streets. Elbin also says, "Caesar is to be more community oriented. We’re going to put him in the schools, having him working more street level narcotics detection in our neighborhoods, while Justice is working with the interdiction teams on the interstate."

The Gautier Police Department eagerly awaits Caesar’s arrival in March, but they couldn’t be happier with Justice’s performance so far.

Bever closes, "He’s a good dog. Some K9s like to bark a lot in the cars, but he’s quiet. When it comes time to work, he’s ready to work."

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