Gautier Night Parade

Gautier Men’s Club has stepped up its game this year when it comes to Mardi Gras parades.
The Gautier Mardi Gras Night Parade will roll out at 7 p.m. Saturday night. According to parade officials, they plan to be slow rolling through the biggest crowd ever in Gautier. The total parade route will be a little over two miles of pure fun and dozens of beads.
The Singing River Mall property will be open to public parking and Kelly Novak, who is in charge of this year’s parade, wants to make sure everyone knows about some of the new improvements to the parade. “We have turned this into a full day event. We moved our staging area over by the city roundabout. We have also added a feature entertainer that is going to roll in the parade as well as come back to the roundabout. We have a block party that is going to take place until about 11:30 that evening and we would just really like you to come out. We are building something here. We have built a great brand and we are looking to really build this parade that could be something, that could be one of the largest on the Gulf Coast and definitely in Jackson County.”
The Gautier Night Parade will also have five marching bands from all over the Coast and even Alabama roll down the streets with them.

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