Gautier investigating hit-and-run causing injury

Gautier Police are investigating a hit-and-run as a domestic violence case after a woman was injured Thursday morning.

Officers responded to a call to the Chevron Gas Station on Highway 57 about a female who had been hit by a vehicle, which then fled the scene.

Officers received a report that the suspect was in a black truck heading south on Highway 57. While at the scene, an accident was reported near C Byrd Road on Highway 57.

Terrance Sierra McNaughton, 21, was identified as the suspect in the case. He was not taken into custody because of serious injury sustained in the accident near C Byrd Road.

The accident is being investigated by Mississippi Highway Patrol.

Officers have determined the hit-and-run was an act of domestic violence. Because of this, Gautier will not release the name of the female victim. Both parties were taken to hospitals because of the seriousness of their injuries.

McNaughton faces domestic aggravated assault charges in the hit-and-run case.

If anyone has information about the crime, please contact Gautier Police at 228-497-2486 or Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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