Gautier High School wins national grant

NBC is putting their money where their drama is and giving $500,000 to 50 high school theatre departments to celebrate the premiere of RISE, a new series that revolves around a small-town high school theatre program.
This morning, Gautier High School drama club received word their program would be one of the lucky ones to receive a $10,000 grant.
There were happy cheers and tears as Gautier High School drama club students learned they were one of only 50 high schools to rise above one thousand applicants to claim one of NBC’s R.I.S.E America Grants. Gautier High drama teacher Amber West said, “This year has been full of ups and downs so having this major up is encouraging for not only the students, but for myself. To have this accomplishment as a check on our to-do list is amazing.”
For sophomore Torri Salisbury the news of the ten thousand dollar grant was extra sweet since her idea helped the troupe snag the top spot for Mississippi. “Since it’s called RISE a lot of theatre kids really love Hamilton, me being one of those people, and there is a song lyric in one of those songs and it’s talking about rising up and overcoming things and I was like that’s us, that’s this troupe. It’s something this department really needed and me being a part of that was really trippy, but it was really cool.”
A shot for their theatre department and a shot for other Gautier High School students to take part in a program which senior Cori Straight says has changed her life. “I have seen personally with myself how theatre can change my life, along with the lives of others, and I have seen from my freshman year to now, our budget getting cut by three-fourths, it’s a struggle. I am going to cry. To see something that is going to change the future of our program and to be able to say I was there when that happened, I have been here from the legacy when it started. It’s amazing.”
Some of the ten thousand dollars will go towards a storage unit for props and costumes.

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