Gautier community comes together to help a neighbor in need

Gautier business and city leaders are helping a neighbor get back on his feet.

You never know what people are going through, it’s never too late to lend a helping hand to those in need and the City of Gautier is proving this true.

After finding out a community friend was in need, Gumbo Life Owner Monica Mingo stepped up to the plate. “When I found out the city was coming in with an abatement process to make sure the rest of the community didn’t have to suffer from seeing the eyesore of the property, I just contact the mayor and Mayor Casey Vaughan, he’s always good about jumping to it and making sure that we have everything we need.”

Mayor Vaughan said, “Monica Mingo reached out to me and inquired about this property and asked if I could tell her what was going on because it was one of her former employees and she wanted to try and help him.”

“We know the gentleman that lives here. He lost his father, just sank into deep depression. He made a few bad choices and then things just kept stacking on top of everything.”

Monica could relate to what he was going through. “I suffer from clinical depression myself. I know how without support, you can’t get out of the hole you feel like you’re in unless you get some help. He doesn’t really have anyone except his community and we consider him a community friend. We just wanted to make sure we came out and showed up for him.”

Monica knew she needed more than just the mayor with this project. “We put a call out to the community and we live in the kind of small town where we show up. We help each other out.”

“So, as you can see, togetherness, we can get a lot accomplished.”

Monica’s advice for those going through tough times: “Go help them instead of passing by and maybe passing judgement. Go knock on their door and see if there’s something you can do. You never know what the circumstances are.”

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