Gautier approves city budget for 2022

The Gautier City Council voted tonight to approve its 2022 budget and a plan to offer competitive pay for all city workers.

For city employees salaries of various positions will be increased to be competitive with the compensation offered in neighboring cities within Jackson County.

A minimum three percent raise will be granted for positions already competitive with nearby cities.

Since 2017, the city’s revenue has increased by $2.1 million and it now has a cash balance of $4.3 million.

The city will not increase taxes for residents with this budget. Gautier Mayor Casey Vaughan said, “They have really been excited. They accepted it. I think it’s more than they’ve received in a long time and well deserved to all. Our police will be receiving step raises and raises also. So, we can be competitive. We continue to lose officers due to pay, but hopefully this will sort of keep them here.”

Architects also presented proposed illustrations for the new Mississippi Songwriters Performing Arts Center and Amphitheatre for the Town Commons Development.

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