Gateway Methodist Church gives back through their Christmas meal giveaway

Gateway Methodist Church held their yearly Christmas meal giveaway today.

With homecooked ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, rolls, and pumpkin pie, the church cooked enough food to feed about 100 to 150 families for the day.

With the giveaway today, the church officially passed out 6,000 meals for the year.

Other than the Christmas feast, the church cooks free meals for anyone looking for something to eat every Wednesday afternoon.

All food cooked is either donated or purchased by the church from funds donated for the project. Gateway Methodist Church Trustee Chair Bill Murphy said, “You don’t realize the true gift of giving until you don’t need, and then you give to those in need, that’s when the joy comes in.”

M.L. Tootle Food Pantry Director Sandra Sanchez said, “We’re just following along in Jesus’ steps in the best way that we can, and we’ve been very blessed as a result of it.”

The church also held its regular grocery giveaway to those in need.

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