Gaston Point head start program welcomes students into a winter wonderland

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! At Gaston Point’s head start program teachers came together to create holiday bliss for their students return.

What better way to come back to school than to be welcomed into a Christmas winter wonderland? “The school, they took it to a whole other level.”

Gaston Point closed their doors for two weeks to quarantine, keeping students and staff safe. Today the kids returned back to school with a holiday surprise. Assistant Director of Family Service and Health and Nutrition Angelica Espinal said, “They walked into this beautiful winter wonderland and they were so excited this morning. It was precious.”

Settling on a theme seemed to be the hardest decision for the teachers to agree on, but once decided their imaginations took off. Classroom Three Lead Teacher Syncerety Bender said, “It started off as a lot of jumbo. We couldn’t get it right and then our supervisor, she was like let’s call it winter wonderland and we had certain teachers do the icicles. We had certain teachers that did the snowflake. We had a group of ladies to do the truck.”

While in quarantine the learning didn’t stop. “During the two weeks of quarantine one of the things that we did do was provide curriculum bags. So, right before we decided okay, we need to close the school down for a few weeks the parents did a drive-by and got backpacks for the kiddos to work.”

Now for those who came back into class for traditional learning, there is more safety measures to avoid closing the school down again. “All the children have their own individual boxes. So, they have markers, paint, paint brushes, play-doh. No one touches the same thing. Everybody has their own.”

Keeping everyone safe and happy is first priority for Gaston Point teachers. “I love to see their smiles. One of the babies walked in and she said this is so amazing. So, yes to see the smiles on their faces made me happy.”

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