Gas Station Robbed, Clerk Held Up in Jackson County

A store clerk is recovering after being held at gunpoint during an armed robbery early this morning in Jackson County. Authorities believe the three suspects that robbed the store are tied to two other incidents in Jackson County.
Authorities are linking the suspects caught on video robbing an Ocean Springs store to an armed robbery where a Shell station clerk was held at gunpoint. This happened not even a block away from where Jackson County resident Dennis Fink lives with his seven kids. “I’m sure one member of the family goes there just about every day,” said Fink.
The Shell station on Main Street in the St. Andrews community was robbed early Monday morning. Authorities talked to the store clerk after suspects forced her to the ground, tied her up, and threatened her with a gun. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “She was very, very upset. She was just being released from the Ocean Springs emergency room.”
Another Shell gas station robbery and an attempted robbery at Polk’s Drug Store in Ocean Springs last week involved three masked suspects as well, prompting the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to believe the same group is responsible for Monday’s crime. “The way that they took the safe and the ATM and it was three guys last night. It was three guys in the video,” said Sheriff Ezell.
Authorities say the suspects turned off the lights to the store so the customers would think the business was closed. “That would definitely tell me something was going on. It’s a 24 hour store. Those lights don’t go off,” said Fink.
The suspects even went as far as stealing surveillance equipment. Fink says the St. Andrews area usually stays pretty quiet, but says lately that hasn’t been the case. “We’ve had just here recently a couple of people that have had things stolen from their yards and vehicles.”
After three more serious incidents in Jackson County, Fink is concerned the armed robbery at the Shell came too close for comfort. “If it’s too much trouble for the cops to come out here, we’re an easy target. That’s where stepping up the patrol for that presence and for people to see that they’re here would help to deter it.”
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is following up on leads and Sheriff Ezell tells News 25 he’s determined to put the suspects behind bars. “We don’t know their histories, we don’t know anything about them, but we will.”

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