Gas Prices Edge Up, Mississippi’s Still Less Than National Average

If you’ve fueled up any time recently, chances are, you’ve felt the pinch at the pump.

Prices have jumped more than 10 cents a gallon over the past three weeks. This comes after falling more than 24 cents during the prior seven weeks.

Analysts says Barry is partly to blame for the recent hike, shutting down more than half of the U.S.’s gulf oil refineries. Monday morning, the national average rang in at $2.79 for a gallon of regular unleaded gas. The good news, it’s cheaper here in Mississippi — where you’ll spend an average $2.38 a gallon.

Gulfport boasts the lowest prices for gas in our state at $2.22 a gallon at the raceway on Highway 49 and Evans Street and also at Sam’s Club off Landon Road, trailing behind Courtland, Mississippi, where gas costs only $2.01 a gallon at its Pure gas station.

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