Gas Leak Causes School to Evacuate

Students and faculty at Harper McCaughan Elementary School in Long Beach were evacuated earlier today because of a gas leak.
School officials tell News 25 a construction crew was working on the extension in the back of the school building when they noticed the leak. Parents were notified by text message that their kids were being moved to Long Beach High School around noon. Students remained in the high school gym until their parents were allowed to pick them up.
Long Beach School District Public Relations Director Leigh Anne Biggs said, “Some of them were a little scared, some of them were nervous. All of the administrators and teachers did a fabulous job of calming the kids down and letting them know that everything was okay and that we were just doing this as a precaution for their safety.”
No students or faculty members were injured from the gas leak.
The students will return back to the elementary school tomorrow at a normal schedule.

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