Gary Michiels Dies

A well-known dignitary around the Coast has passed away, but not without leaving a legacy. Long-time radio broadcaster and Biloxi resident Gary Michiels died Saturday after a five-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease.
Michiels made Biloxi home after being stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in the 60s. He became very close with the community throughout his life, volunteering with the city of Biloxi, serving as a civic booster and working for the Bay Press newspaper. Even fighting Alzheimer’s, Gary’s wife Lisa says Gary kept his faith strong up until his last day on earth. “Gary was a wonderful, beautiful man, full of integrity, full of kindness, full of love for this community, and was a true public servant to this community, Biloxi and Mississippi, Gulf Coast community. I want them to remember him as the man full of integrity that he was, the man full of kindness and love for mankind, all of mankind, and the man that wanted to see everyone succeed.”
Gary Michaels’ funeral services will be held at Nativity Cathedral in Biloxi Thursday morning.

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