Gaming On The Coast

No longer do gamblers have to travel far to play the odds. Casinos are popping up all over the country and the added competition is a game changer for many established industries.
The added competition is not causing us to lose here. In fact, costal revenues have increased 2.4% from last year. Industry experts attribute this to the upkeep of our casinos.
"There are a lot of renovations going on here on the coast, some new product. And I think our customers require some reason to come back and visit and we can’t take that for granted,” said Holly Gagnon, President of Pearl River Casino.
One thing Las Vegas executives say makes our industry so successful is that our coast casinos here manage to give their floors a sin city feel.
"One of the things that we hear from customers all the time is that even when they go to a local market, they’re looking for that glitz and glamour of the Vegas experience because they might only be able to get there once a year…the properties here have done a really nice job capturing that,” said Melissa Price.
While the gaming industry is thriving here on the coast, experts say we have to make sure we do not become complacent and make the threat of nearby competition the driving force behind keep the odds in our favor.

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