Gaming equipment seized from old Harrison County Skate Park

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department seized several pieces of gaming equipment from the old skate park on Debuys Road this afternoon.
Missing property from the old skate park on Debuys Road prompted supervisors to do an inventory to see what else could possibly be missing from the building. When officials entered the property, they found multiple pieces of gaming equipment. Harrison County Attorney Tim Holleman said, “That and the missing property is what prompted me to advise the board to contact the sheriff’s department. I didn’t know if it was legal or not legal at that time, but I certainly realized that we were not going to touch it.”
The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department seized seven gaming tables and seven containers filled with poker chips, playing cards, and other gaming materials.It’s unclear who the equipment belongs to or what it was being used for.
Supervisors recently terminated their lease agreement with the former tenant, Kevin Mattina. Harrison County District 2 Supervisor Angel Middleton said, “We found that the rent had not been paid and the electricity bill had not been paid. We came to check on the facility and that’s when we found that some items were missing from the building.”
According to supervisors, Mattina sold bleachers that belonged to the county. “We put this out for bid and his was the highest proposal and sometimes when you’re looking for the highest, it’s not always the best. In this case, Mr. Mattina failed to live up to his obligation for the lease,” said Holleman.
The gaming equipment remains under investigation with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. The board of supervisors plan to have a completed inventory checklist within the next week.

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