The future of sports betting nationwide

New Jersey is challenging a federal law that bars states from authorizing sports gambling. If the Supreme Court strikes down the law, dozens of states could quickly move to offer it.
Biloxi resident Wicked Williams said, “I’m a really big sports fan. So sports hits hard at home. If you know sports, it’s easier to win betting on sports than it is to bet on that machine in there, so more probability.”
That higher probability might be making its way to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Today, the Supreme Court met to speak on an act prohibiting sports betting. After listening to today’s arguments in Washington, New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak says he believes the court will rule in the state’s favor.
For many, a victory in legalizing sports betting in New Jersey means a victory for the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well. Efrain Garza with Hard Rock Security said, “Well, we have a lot of guests that come here and they ask for it. I think it would actually be very beneficial for the whole casino industry here on the Gulf Coast. We’ll probably get a lot more people coming down here if we did get that.”
Tourist Rick Whaley said, “I think it should be legalized. It’s a fun thing to do and states can make money off of it just from taxes.”
The American Gaming Association estimates that American’s illegally bet about $150 billion on sports each year. Now that the case is before the Supreme Court, the justices could ultimately green light the expansion of sports gambling nationwide by striking down the federal law. A decision is expected by the end of June.

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