Fundraiser to Build Gymnasium at St. Martin East Elementary

St. Martin East Elementary School needs your help building a new gymnasium.
For some, P.E. is the best part of an elementary school day. It’s a time to run around and enjoy a mental break from learning, but for students at St. Martin East Elementary School that time to release isn’t always guaranteed.
The school has grown so much over the past few years that all of the classrooms are now full, forcing P.E. Coach Joe Clark to operate out of a shed.
With no lighting and no air conditioning, the cramped area isn’t the ideal space to store P.E. equipment. The school started the “Let’s Make it Happen” fundraiser as a way to raise funds to build a new gymnasium.
With 31 classes each week, Coach Clark interacts with all 730 St. Martin East students. “We have no place to be on rainy days, cold days, or hot days. We’re outdoors and on bad weather days, which could be pretty often around here, we go to the library or we go to the music room,” said Clark.
So far, businesses and people all throughout the Gulf Coast community have donated nearly $200,000 toward the school’s $300,000 goal. If you’re interested in finding out more on the fundraiser or making a donation visit the St. Martin East PTO page on Facebook.

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