Fund helps cover mammogram costs at Memorial Hospital

Memorial Hospital patients could have their mammograms subsidized with its foundation’s breast imaging fund.

As one of Memorial Hospital’s many healthcare funds, the breast imaging fund will help under-insured or uninsured patients.

Patients can go through their care provider and submit an application with personal income information to qualify.

The Memorial Hospital Foundation, a separate entity from the hospital itself, has helped more than 50 people get mammograms this year. Memorial Hospital Foundation President Aimee Robertson said, “Generally people start being screened at the age of 40, but we’ve seen people much younger than that. And it’s also important to know that it doesn’t just affect women, it also affects men. And a lot of people don’t recognize that or appreciate that so we have men and women that need these services.”

Call 228-867-4095 to schedule an appoint and request financial assistance.

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