Frustrations over East Biloxi Road Conditions

Woes over roadwork in East Biloxi are at an all-time high in the aftermath of recent heavy rainfall. Today, residents met with officials from the City of Biloxi to discuss the situation.
Extensive road work has become the normal for residents of East Biloxi. Those traveling in the area frequently find themselves facing issues like detours, damage to vehicles, and now after recent rainfall, flooding. They’ve had enough and they’re demanding results from the city.
East Biloxi resident Leaster Archie said, “When you leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon, you don’t know how you’re gonna get home. You don’t know if you’re gonna fall in a hole or what.”
Robin Hubbard frequently travels through East Biloxi. She said, “You go down there and you walk in that mess in your clean suits and nice shoes, who wants to come to that? We don’t have any Christmas decorations. What are you gonna decorate your house for? For it to get dirty and muddy. Something is not right, these people are tearing up, they are not fixing East Biloxi.”
It goes beyond quality of living, as it is costing local businesses almost all of their customers. Owner of Fancy Nails Thuy Nguyen said, “For the last two years, we have had to replace four tires already due to the poor road construction with the pot holes. We own a business so it’s been a lot of loss for us in terms of income and customers.”
The city is listening and wants the group to know that they are trying to make it right. Walt Rode with the City of Biloxi infrastructure said, “The roads, the dirt is that wet. It can only hold so much water. It’s just gonna take time to grade that dirt, let it dry out and then regrade it again.”
City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “They are doing everything they can do under the situation. The cards that they’ve been dealt, any time you have three inches of rain, even if it’s a paved road, you’re still gonna have flooding. It’s a major project. It’s a major inconvenience. It’s hurting residents and businesses and we’re doing everything we can to try to get through it.”

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