Frustration stirs after eclipse glasses giveaway

With Monday’s solar eclipse just days away, people around the Coast are on the hunt for safety glasses.
After a short-lived two thousand pair giveaway at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, many parents and kids went home without eclipse glasses.
Parents tell News 25 the free eclipse glasses giveaway was unorganized and say some of the venues even ran out of the glasses before noon which was when the giveaway was supposed to start. Resident Chace Zickinson said, “Everybody was just walking out of the mall at like 11:40 with solar eclipse glasses and they were supposed to be starting them at 12. I never seen the solar eclipse before and I was disappointed because I didn’t get to get any glasses.”
Resident Shanttenette Averetts said, “Two thousand only so many people would be able to get them, but of course when I get here a little bit after noon, they’re completely sold out.”
Edgewater mall officials tell News 25 they did the best they could with the free giveaway and are sorry to all who did not walk away with eclipse glasses.

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