On the Frontlines: Keesler Air Force Base

The Fisher House Foundation is going above and beyond to answer the call of duty when it comes to supporting our military men and women and their families.
News 25’s Toni Miles takes us to Keesler Air Force Base to show us how this foundation has led the charge by taking on and continuing a very special mission.
The crowd stood at full attention during the national anthem, hands over their hearts as many at Keesler Air Force Base thought of the ones they’ve loved, and have even lost, over the years, but this was a day for celebrating.
A new facility is opening that will support servicemen and women as they face their own battles on the medical front, providing a safe haven for family and friends during the treatment and recovery process. Fisher House Trustee Suzie Schwartz said, “They go through a lot. They endure and they want to know that their active duty member, their husband, their wife, their father, their mother is being taken care of.”
This is the second house made possible by the Fisher Foundation at Keesler and it’s already serving its purpose inside and beyond its four walls. 81st Training Wing Commander Col. Debra Lovette said, “We have house number eight with the Fisher House Foundation, which opened in 1991. Since then, there have been more than seven thousand families served right here at Keesker Air Force Base and that’s a combination of retirees, active duty, family members that find themselves in need of medical care here.”
This house marks the 75th Fisher House in our nation and construction on ten others is underway. Fisher House Foundation President David Coker said, “The program now is 28-years-old and one of the great things is the return on the investment, the savings for the families, the number of families we can support increases each year.”
Not to mention the investment in our men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom and defending our nation. “To have a house like this, to have a home, it means the world to them,” said Schwartz.

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