Free pet health clinic in Gulfport brings relief to pet owners

The Humane Society of South Mississippi hosted a free health clinic for cats and dogs.

The event started at noon and ran until 6 p.m. HSSM offered free vaccines and microchips. Those who attended the event also received a voucher for a spay or neuter.

After the pet’s checkup, HSSM also had food, flea and tick preventative, and collars available for free of charge.

HSSM tells News 25 that events like this help keep animals at home and out of the shelter. HSSM Operations Director Bianca Janik said, “So, many times people in our community are going to have to make really difficult financial decisions where it boils down to whether feeding their families or feeding their pets. And that’s not a decision that any pet owner wants to make, and it’s certainly not a decision we want our community to have to make. And so, by offering free vaccines it’s going to give that little extra boosts for those families and for those animals to maintain a long, happy, healthy life.”

You can visit to keep up with future clinics.

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