Free COVID-19 testing Monday at Feed my Sheep in Gulfport

Feed my Sheep is back at it again. For the second time this month the organization is providing free COVID-19 testing outside its location on 19th Avenue on Monday, May 18th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A friendly welcome is a guarantee when you stop by Feed my Sheep even when it’s from behind a mask. The local outreach organization in Gulfport has happily continued its charitable work, dishing up tasty Southern meals daily to those in need. Feed my Sheep Board Member David Lion said, “We’ve been feeding approximately close to 700 meals a day Monday through Friday, hot meals for lunch, typically from 11 to about 1 p.m. every day.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Feed my Sheep has turned to other ways to serve its community. Earlier this month the group had its first free COVID-19 testing day. Feed my Sheep Board Member Will Shurley said, “We had 36 folks that were tested and mercifully they were all negative. But we want to continue testing in the community that we serve here to make sure nothing has changed in those last couple of weeks since we did it before.”

On Monday, along with the usual delicious hot meals being served, Feed my Sheep will be administering free COVID-19 testing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. “The screening procedure involves going up to a medical professional who will ask you a battery of questions: where you’ve been, who you’ve been around, any sort of symptoms that you have. And based on that if they believe you may be at risk, then they have a swab that they will put in your nose and then about three days later the results will be delivered to you.”

Anyone who shows symptoms or has knowingly been exposed to the virus is welcome. However, there is a push for a specific high at-risk group to get tested. “We think it’s important for the homeless to be tested for COVID-19 because many of them are living in sort of unsheltered situations and so we want to try to prevent any sort of breakout or pandemic in that community if we can.”

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