Frank Janca Art Exhibit on display at the MGCCC JC Campus

Attention all art lovers, there’s a new exhibit on display at MGCCC’s Jackson County campus.

It’s featuring the work of Frank Janca, a Biloxian and internationally renowned artist. The name of the exhibit is ‘Mississippi and the French Connection.’

Janca picked this name because he has painted subjects in both France and Mississippi, yet the way he expresses light in his paintings remains the same.

At the exhibit you’ll see subjects in French cafés as well as historical sites in Mississippi.

His work has been displayed all over the world from New York to France, but now it’s back in Janca’s home state of Mississippi. “We have a very strong pronounced French heritage here, all the French names. In fact, we grew up calling our Gulf Coast the Riviera of the South and there’s a reason for that.”

Gallery Director Marc Poole said, “It’s challenging to find artists to bring in, artists to share with your students that are critically acclaimed around here and national. So, when you can find them close to home, it’s really good to get them to share their experiences with you and the students.”

The exhibit will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday until December 18th. It will reopen after winter break in January until February for the same hours.

There’s also a virtual version of the exhibit available on MGCCC’s website.

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