Four Chaplains Honored at Long Beach Ceremony

American Legion Post 1995 wants us to remember four honorary chaplains who gave their lives for others during World War II.
Post 1995 held a ceremony in Long Beach this afternoon, joining other posts across the nation for the first time in paying respect to the group of chaplains. The four chaplains lost their lives in 1943 after the WWII vessel sank and they gave up their life jackets for others.
At the end of the service, a wreath was laid at the WWII memorial to honor those heroes. Gene Jackson with American Legion Post 1995 said, “They gave their life preservers and we’re here in remembrance to honor them and the other good people who made the sacrifice.”
Egan Carroll with the American Legion Post 1995 said, “The American service men, fighting American service men, is still alive today. Even though the wars are minor, they’re giving up their lives up for you and I and all the people around us so we can be free.”
The memorial service took place at the Long Beach City Park on Jeff Davis Avenue

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