Former President to Attend Event Commemorating Katrina Anniversary

The city of Gulfport is buzzing after the announcement that former President George W. Bush will be making an appearance next week to commemorate the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
News 25 caught up with city officials preparing for the big day and shares what one resident thinks about the visit.
Ten years ago, first responders from all over traveled to the Gulf Coast to aid in rescue missions after Hurricane Katrina. Next Friday, many of those first responders will return. Gulfport Public Information Officer Chris Vignes said, “We’ve gotten requests as far away as California that are coming in that were here after the storm and now can see where we are.”
For many months now, the city of Gulfport has been hard at work preparing to host the event to thank those who risked so much and show them how much the Coast has rebuilt. “To show them how far we’ve come, the new roads, the new homes, the new bridges, the new facilities that have all come since the storm. A lot of these people are going to see it for the first time. We’re really excited to show them places like Jones Park, the new baseball stadium, things along the Coast that they have not seen yet to show that we’re looking towards the future and what they did for us and how we’re able to work from that.”
Former Governor Haley Barbour and his wife Marsha, along with Governor Phil Bryant and his wife Barbara, were expected to be in attendance but yesterday it was announced that one more special guest would be present. “It’s only fitting that President Bush is here with the effort and to our local officials and here we are now and now we can be in a better place,” said Vignes.
Meanwhile, President Obama will be in New Orleans to commemorate their ten years of recovery, but some Gulf Coast residents think he should also join officials in Mississippi. “I think it would have been nice if he would have came. We were just as much in a tragedy as they were. We had just as much losses as they did, probably, if not more,” said Raquel Sumrall.
The city of Gulfport wants to remind everyone that the event is not open to the general public and all first responders must RSVP.

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