Former MS circuit judges to take on backlog of cases accumulated during pandemic

Four former Circuit Court judges will help handle a backlog of criminal cases that have accumulated in Mississippi’s largest county during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Randolph appointed Andrew K. Howorth of Oxford, Betty W. Sanders of Greenwood, Stephen B. Simpson of Gulfport, and Frank G. Vollor of Vicksburg to handle the cases from Hinds County.

News 25 spoke with Mr. Simpson who says he has about 50 cases to handle. He says the older cases will mostly be handled first with severity and status of defendant also playing an impact on order. “It’s important to both victims of crime as well of those who are accused. The people who are accused have a right to have their day in court to either have twelve jurors decide their fate and if convicted, serve their sentence and pay their debts to society or on the other hand, to be exonerated if they’re found not guilty.”

The team plans to meet next week to strategize on how to handle the cases in greater detail.

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