Forest Fire in Long Beach

A forest fire is moving through a heavily wooded area south of the interstate in Long Beach.
Harrison County fire officials were the first on the scene, arriving just after 6 p.m. The fire is located just north of Turner Road where flames have made their way to the northeast. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan is monitoring the movements of the blaze via drone.
U.S. Forestry Services are bulldozing a fire lane to stop the fire’s progress before it can have the opportunity to create a hazardous situation. “Right now we’re investigating a fire in the woods which is off of 28th Street, north of 28th Street, west of Canal and east of Beatline. It’s predominately a wooded area. The concern we have of course is if it gets too close to the interstate with smoke and so forth. We may have impact with traffic. We may have to notify MDOT and take some precautions from that,” said Chief Sullivan.
Chief Sullivan tells News 25 that this fire has not put any of the nearby homes in immediate danger.

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