For Pet’s Sake Rescue in Long Beach looks back on 2021

One local animal rescue shelter opened its first facility in 2021 and made tremendous strides in aiding local critters.

Staff at the shelter took a look back at their eventful year.

For Pet’s Sake, the Long Beach animal rescue, houses somewhere around 100 cats. Some of those were retrieved from a hoarding situation inside an abandoned RV.

Spearheading mass rescues like this wasn’t the only thing Vanessa Cruz achieved this past year as her shelter opened its first facility. She’s saved almost 400 cats and 25 dogs in 2021, and she began transporting animals out of state in August. This is the result of more than a year of getting her organization off the ground. “I wake up every day, and whether I am sick, or tired, or worked 16 hours a day before, I love doing this. This is my absolute passion. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.”

Kiera Bresett has worked with Vanessa for about a year, since the time the organization was operating out of Vanessa’s house. “You’ve got to kind of have the heart to do it. Especially with a lot of the stuff you see doing rescue. It’s not always pretty. So, you’ve got to have the emotional ability to do it.”

Vanessa and her team handle all the transportation themselves — that means grueling hours spent driving cross-country to states like Missouri and Illinois. The van’s logo says “Save them all.” That basically means they’re registered as a no-kill shelter — and Best Friends is willing to help them out.

Best Friends and other groups are pitching in as Vanessa’s crew applies for grants. “I am where I’m supposed to be. And you know, we went through a period where I was just like, either it’s going to happen or it’s not going to happen, and then everything started happening.”

Potential volunteers can find more info on the shelter’s website,

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