Football Coaches Share Knowledge at Coaching Clinic

Coaches from around the state have converged on Biloxi where the Beau Rivage held the 52nd Annual Gulf Coast Coaching Clinic.

Thursday was day two of the Gulf Coast Coaching Clinic, where new and aspiring coaches can learn the tricks of the trade from veterans of the game. Clinton Mosley, Offensive Coordinator for East Marion High School in Columbia, MS, says, "When you come down here, you want to hear their philosophy, hear some of the positive things they want to say, and take from them, steal. This is all about stealing ideas, motivating, and changing kids’ lives."

New coaches aren’t the only ones learning new tricks. As the game moves forward, longtime coaches will have to learn to adapt or be left behind. M.C. Miller, Head Coach of Louisville High School in Louisville, MS, says, "I been coming here for the last 31 years. I enjoy coming every year. They do a good job, have good speakers every year, and it’s a great learning experience."

Mississippi State Coach, Dan Mullen, added his own learning experience to the clinic as Thursday’s keynote speaker on building a championship team. Mosley also says, "It’s always new ideas, always new philosophies that all of these coaches come together and put together in order to win a championship."

Conferences like these allow coaches from around the state to get together to exchange ideas on how to better prepare their team for next season. Mullen says, "What we do in our profession, we’re either getting better or getting worse. I guess it’s the same in every profession, you never get to stay the same. It’s great to see everyone out here trying to make themselves better coaches."

Part of being a great coach is identifying your weaknesses. Miller says, "We can stop the run, but we have to be able to stop the pass a bit better, so by going to the coaches clinics and looking at what they’re doing on defense is helping us a whole lot." While many high school and college coaches look towards the NFL as a goal, many pro coaches are looking at them for innovation at the highest level.

Mullen closes, "Used to be everyone was always under center. You don’t really see Peyton Manning under center that much anymore, so the game has really trickled up that way."

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