Florence flooding prevents relief help

Coast Electric sent team members out to help with disaster relief with Florence on Saturday and now they’re making their way back home after a surprising turn of events.

Coast Electric sent out 28 crew members who stayed in Georgia overnight on Saturday. Before they could get to North Carolina, correspondents told Coast Electric members the flooding there was so bad their own trucks couldn’t even make their way into the affected areas yet to help. Coast Electric had to head back to Mississippi.

These areas will most likely be without service until crews can make their way through the water. Coast Electric Communication Director April Lollar said, “Well you never know what a storm is going to do. Every storm is different, every situation is different and you know we always adjust. Everybody in the utility industry has a plan and sometimes you realize when a storm hits you have to quickly readjust that plan. Like I said, I think with every storm, I think it’s important to learn from it and make adjustments.”

Lollar says if they get the call their units are still needed after the flooding goes down they will be more than ready to go lend a hand.

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