Flooding Woes in Pascagoula

One east Pascagoula neighborhood was hit pretty hard, forcing some of them to flee their homes yesterday, only to return today for some heavy duty cleaning. News 25’s Kristen Durand talks to residents who hope their flood woes will ease up some time soon.
Timothy Garder has owned his home in east Pascagoula for 16 years. Over the years, he’s spent about $70,000 repairing flood damage and countless hours cleaning up after heavy rain. This day was no different. “I’m really sick of it. We’ve tried to sell the house but because of flooding problems, nobody wants to buy in this area.”
Garner was so sick of it that he and his family couldn’t bear to live there anymore. They moved elsewhere three years ago but moved back in at the beginning of the month, believing the county had addressed the problem. “That’s actually why we moved back,” said Garner, “Because they said the drainage problems are fixed but apparently they’re not fixed, they just re-did the road.”
Right down the road, Deshan Forrest and his family returned to their home after fleeing on Sunday. “The water rose so fast, it got up close to the door and I told my wife, I was like, ‘we got to go.’ So, we packed the baby up, packed the dog up and we got in the car and we left.”
Residents here say that it is a common occurrence in the area. “I’ve been here for 16 years and we’ve flooded probably five times. We got anywhere from 4 feet to 2 feet. Four feet after Katrina. Last night, we got like an inch of water in the house,” said Garder.
Fortunately, the Forrest’s home did not flood, but they lost hundreds of dollars of valuables from flooding in their backyard shed. “I just hated it because we had all those diapers and baby clothes and stuff like that in there,” said Forrest.
“The drainage problem is still here,” said Garder, “Just as bad as it was before we left.”

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