Flooding Makes Problems for Moss Point Residents

The torrential downpour has also soaked parts of Jackson County. As News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us, the heavy rainfall brings heavy weight problems for some residents of Moss Point.
Moss Point resident Linda Sellers says rainy days often turn messy in her neighborhood. She says the recent downpour of rain is leading to problems popping up in her home. “When I go to wash my clothes or brush my teeth or turn on the water, it comes up through the toilet and through the tub.”
Sellers lives on the corner of Second Street and Morningview Drive. She tells News 25 she’s had to call a plumber constantly because of unsolved pipe and drainage issues in the area. Saturday and Sunday’s excessive rainfall had her toilet and bathtub spitting out what’s supposed to be draining down. “The stuff that goes down the drain comes right back up and this is the water that we have to use to take baths in and cook our food in,” said Sellers.
Joe Mims has a pond in his yard. Lately, It’s almost doubled in size. He says the flooding throughout the neighborhood continues to put residents’ homes and property in jeopardy. “They did a whole lot of construction work over here a while back on the drainage system, but it didn’t do no good. They spent a whole lot of money, but when it rains like this they still get flooded out over there.”
Residents say it used to be a lot worse in this neighborhood. Resident Garrex Magge said, “Years back, it was way worse than this. They had to barricade it and you couldn’t come in at all.”
While residents say they have had some relief, thanks to city workers digging out ditches on a regular basis, more measures need to be taken. “Some of it we needed, but not that much. It’s just been pouring,” said Mims.
News 25 reached out to the city to get an update on what, if anything, is being done to help alleviate the flood problems in the area. Our phone calls have not yet been returned, but it is a holiday. News 25 will keep you posted.

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