Flood Risk Workshop

The Education, Economics, Environmental, Climate and Health Organization or EEECHO is hosting a week of events with the hopes of empowering the community.
This morning, EEECHO kicked off those events by partnering with Climate Central and NOAA for a flood risk, sea level risk and sociability workshop at the Island View Casino.
The point of Monday’s free workshop was to give residents information so they can understand climate change in relation to increased flooding and storm surges while also learning how to mitigate and prepare for them.
Jacqueline Patterson, director of NAACP National Environmental and Justice Program, said, “We know that communities, most vulnerable communities with poor housing stock, communities that are in the flood plains, which tend to be communities of color and low income communities are going to be hit first and worst by the impacts. So we see this very much as a civil rights issue. “
Dan Rizza with Climate Central said, “To be able to visualize that and to be able to look at maps together and discuss that with community leaders and different stakeholders in the community is a step forward.”
Climate Central also has an online interactive submergence risk map where you can see what the coastal flood risks are in your neighborhood. To find out, visit www.riskfinder.org.

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