Flood Problems for Neighborhoods in Moss Point

They don’t call Moss Point the ‘River City’ for nothing. Neighborhoods in east Moss Point tend to flood when the weather is rainy. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson didn’t stay dry while hearing some of the resident’s stories.
From the road to the front steps of his porch, when rainy weather drops in Moss Point resident Julius Hunt expects flooding to be a problem. “Starting from the street there, this way out to the beach, it’s just bad.”
Hunt has lived off of Mill Avenue and Anna Street for 20 years. Due to constant damage caused by flooding, he’s had to rebuild his driveway ten times. “Still going to put another one in but with the water it just lifted up the concrete,” said Hunt.
Mary Stanton lives in the same neighborhood. She says the creek between their houses is a huge part of the issue. Water from the Gulf Coast combined with water from lakes in Alabama meet in the middle and contribute to the flooding. “Down in Alabama, when they open the flood gates that caused some of our problem, too,” said Stanton.
Hunt says the water at the creek is usually only a couple of feet but today the water was a little higher than that.
“Once upon a time, when it rains like that people had to get inside of a canoe and go around to their houses,” said Stanton.
The City of Moss Point is trying to slow the flooding by digging the ditches out. Last year, the city was turned down for a grant by the Mississippi Development Authority that they hoped to use to help the situation. Officials say they will continue working on funding to bring a more permanent solution to their flood of problems. “It’s just something you have to live with for a while until things get better. When that happens, I don’t know,” said Hunt.

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